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Hawaiian Cruises!

Two exciting words to conjure up in your mind an idyllic vacation.

And here there are more than 50 pages about Hawaii, cruises and Hawaiian cruises. Plenty to take a look around at!

The luxury of a wonderful cruise ship, just waiting for you, coupled with these paradise Islands of the Pacific.

The magical, tropical Islands of Hawaii!

Whether you're new to hawaiian cruises or you've been before, you will never cease to be amazed by what your Hawaiian vacation has in store for you. With the variety of islands and stops along the way.

And there has never been a wider choice for you. From flying out to the Hawaiian Islands and boarding ship there, to climbing aboard on the West Coast.

From straight cruises, to cruise and stay, a great each-way bet - ideal for all the family!

We want to help you get the best from your vacation as well as choosing the Hawaiian cruise that will fit your needs best.

Enough already! Where can you expect to go? Here is a small taste, so click the links for more...

Hawaii - Big Island

"The Big Island." Sounds quaint, the words locals use to describe this amazing island. Otherwise known as "The Orchid Isle", you get a taste for what you'll find there. Beauty and a wonderful welcome.

One more name? Then you'll be meaning "The Volcano Island", describing the amazing history behind these jewel islands in the Pacific Ocean. Want to know more? Then click here.


Oh Oahu! The most bustling and busy of the islands, where three-quarters of the total population live, notably many of them in the major city of the islands, Honolulu.

And that's not all, Oahu hosts the epitomy of 50 years of our picture of these isalnds, as depicted in movies and TV shows down the decades, Hawaii 5-O!

Waikiki ('spouting water') and it's beaches remain one of the best places to learn how to surf and, above all, has something for everyone. For more about Oahu, click right here.

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This remarkable island has more than 95% of it set aside as a nature preserve. Seven rivers pour from the sides of magnificent Mount Waialeale, showing off as dozens of spirited waterfalls present amazing vistas.

Nothing is more splendid the movie-set, picture perfect north west coach of Na Pali. Not forgetting how to get there, the tough way is the Kalalau Trail, of of the world's most inspiring hiking trails.

Perhaps not for cruisers...or maybe an excuse to come back. For more on Kauai, checkout this link.


The second biggest of the chain, Maui is busy. But busy on only around the 20% of it's area that is fully inhabited.

Particularly famed for the marine preserves and Haleakala, the huge volcano at the core of the island, there's something about Maui that is laid back, reminding us of simpler and more comfortable times.

Not forgetting the biggest Banyan Tree in the US, as well the biggest Buddha outside Asia, you'll see why Maui is so interesting. There's much more to find out, just here.

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Home of the mysterious "Garden of the Gods", and the almost 3,000 foot deep Waimea Canyon, known as the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific".

Lanai reckons it is the 'most enticing' island. And there it is, bang smack in the middle of the bejewelled chain.

A single volcanic outcrop forms the whole islands, populated by just 3,000 people at the last count, Lanai has something for everyone, with beautiful beaches and 80,000 acres of undeveloped countryside.

Take a closer look at this beauty by clicking here.


Small, yet beautifully formed, Molokai is renowned for the world's largest sea cliff, reminding us of the formative past of these remarkable islands, which peek through the Pacific just to show us that they are there.

It's an outdoor life on Molokai, otherwise known as the 'Friendly Isle'.

For the island that is credited with the introduction of the 'hula dance', you may want to read on, right here.

Kahoolawe and Niihau

You might catch a glimpse of these two pretty well private islands, the smallest in the group. It's tough to get to them as well.

Kahoolawe is off to the west of Maui, whilst Niihau is the most westerly of all, right off Kauai.

There's a little more of the little we know about these rather mysterious places, if you click here

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