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There was a time when cruising was up there at the 'posh' end of the scale.

Few of us were prepared to dress up in all our finery and spend days, if not weeks closeted up onboard a ship.

'All about cruising' recognises that, whilst many traditions still exists and some cruise operators regard themselves as traditionalist, most now accept that flexibility is vital in this industry and all are coming to terms with it.

For detailed distinctions between the various cruise lines, there is a whole series on them, which you can find if you click right here.

'All about cruising' helps you with other parts of your vacation. It will help you with what you need to do before choosing your cruise. as you make your reservations and then what you need to do as you prepare.

A cruise vacation is, for many, the vacation of a lifetime (though many are cruising more frequently nowadays), so it is worth the time to checkout the information below to get a real feel for what you need to do.

For you, this isn't all about cruising, it's all about you and how you get the very best experience you deserve.

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