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"Cruise Deals"

by Herbert Sanchez


Cruise deals are specials presented, usually periodically and during the summer months, for vacation trips aboard luxury liners, such as Princess, Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and Celebrity.

These cruise deals are typically provided in a package that includes the ship with all of its amenities, the hotel (should one stay overnight at the ships destined port), and a discount on the overall total price of the trip.

Cruise deals, of course, stimulate business by drawing in those individuals who want to save money on an otherwise expensive trip.

Cruise deals can be found at many places, especially online. A multitude of online travel bookers are always ready to provide vacations with a great deal on cruises.

Some of the bigger and more well-known online travel agencies offering cruise deals are Travelocity.com, VacationsToGo.com, Travelzoo.com, Expedia.com, CruisesOnly.com and ecruises.com. Expedia in particular has advertised on Television and has been around for while.

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The amenities these cruise deals usually provide, cover anywhere from three to seven days vacation time, a suite aboard ship, with unlimited access to the facilities, 24/hr restaurants and bars, entertainment including dancing and sports, casinos, shows, spa and fitness, teen clubs, and Internet cafes.

The cruise deal package even covers the hotel room in many cases. This is such a long way from the Titanic!

Some highlights from certain cruise lines are attractive and distinctive from others.

For example, a two-hundred-foot rock tower for climbing is among the amenities included in cruise deals for Royal Caribbean.

Princess Cruise Line, on the other hand, provides art galleries and auctions in their cruise deals, and Carnival offers an exciting Camp Carnival for kids 2 to 15.

Each cruise line has something special, so each cruise deal is unique and unforgettable!

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As for cruise deal prices, they vary, depending on the time of year, the agency, the ship, the number of people going on the trip, and the particular cruise.

Some can start as low as $290.00, but most average at $400.00+. Cruise deal discounts of up to $100.00 are not uncommon.

All in all, cruise deals are available for days and nights of fun--for adults, young adults, and children! Get a great cruise deal and youre certain to have a wonderful vacation.

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hawaiian cruises online cruisedirect


hawaiian cruises online cruisedirect


hawaiian cruises online cruisedirect