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"Good To Know Things About Hawaii"

by Dalvin Rumsey


More and more tourists each year decide to go on a vacation in Hawaii. As first-time visitors, there are numerous questions they have to get answers to, before actually leave home for Hawaii.

At the top of their questions list is the one referring to which of the six different islands in Hawaii to choose as their destination. Another thing they must definitely know before heading off is how to get there.

Should you want to visit Hawaii, the first thing you will need to know is that the Hawaiian Airlines, Aloha Airlines or Island Air is the one to handle all inter-island flights.

So be sure to check with your mainland flight company or their website to find out what their prices are.

With Oahu being the heart of Hawaii transportation, the Honolulu International Airport (HNL) is the place where almost all of the mainland and International flights will fly into.

The airport is on the outskirts of Honolulu, about a 20 minute drive to Waikiki and about a 45 minute drive to the North Shore.

Even if you are heading on to another island you may have to deplane and get on an inter-island flight to reach your final destination.

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The three airports in Maui are: Kahalui Airport (OGG), Kapalua Airport (JHM) and Hana (HNM). The Kahalui Airport is the most important one, which offers direct flights from the West coast of the U.S. mainland.

You can also get on one of the day ferries to get from Maui to Lanai and back.

The Big Island is actually called Hawaii, but in order to avoid confusion, it is referred to as the Big Island.

It also has two airports, the Hilo International Airport (ITO) and Keahole Airport (KOA), situated at about two hours drive from each other.

There are direct flights from the mainland only to Keahole. Ferries are not an option here.

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The airport in Kauai is called Lihue Airport (LIH) and it allows direct flights from the mainland on some carriers. There are no ferries available to get to other islands.

Molokai has one airport, Molokai Airport (MKK) in central Molokai. Small commercial boats can ferry you from Maui to Molokai.

The Lanai Airport (LNY) in Lanai and the Molokai Airport in Molokai only accept small airplanes.

The news for the following year is the introduction of the Hawaii Superferries, which will make inter-island traveling easier and cheaper.

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