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10 super activities in the Hawaiian Islands


You can read a hundred Top Tens about Hawaii - and they will all be different!

You see there are so many possibilities for anyone's Hawaiian Islands Top Ten.

Everyone makes their own list and then they are so right for themselves!

So, use this as a start and take yourselves wherever you fancy, with your own ideas and perosnal choices.

Whatever you do, you'll find a wondrous experience, whether you are off a cruise for the day, or staying for longer. the possibilities are endless.

The key is to have a great time - and with the all the possibilities, you will!

Here, then, is our starter for ten, to get you going. None will disappoint! All will get your juices flowing for what else you might find!

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  1. Feel the Heat! See the Hawaii Volcanoes
    The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, situated on the 'Big Island' is like taking a step onto the moon. 377 square miles of volcanic rock protected for you to experience as you wish. preserved for hiking and more. Take a look at dormant Mona Lau and active Kilauea, with it's red hot, oozing 2000oF lava that is so impressive. You can stay here too, the
    Volcano House Hotel sits right on the edge of Kilauea - as they say on their website, "Your spot by the fire is waiting!"
  2. See the Beauty on the Na'Pali Coast
    This 22-mile stretch of exposed coastline on the island of Kauai boasts one of nature's wonders. No matter how you see the dramatic coastline, you will not be disappointed. The towering cliffs arise from the ocean's floor creating amazing gorges the result of centuries of erosion by waterfalls streaming down over the stone. You can hike the 11 or so miles to the Na'Pali coast. Or you could take a boat tour. Or an even more spectacular helicopter ride!
  3. Go Whale Watching and Get a Lifetime's Memories
    From Hawaii, Kauai, Oahu, or Maui you can experience whale watching can be spectacular experience, so don't miss this from your Hawaiian Islands Top Ten! You should book whale watching tours in advance. These trips are seasonal, depending on when the whales are around (November to April). Psst, want a tip? You can often see the whales migrating from Papawai Point, a viewpoint just off Route 30, west of Maalaea on Maui.

    Hawaiian Islands Top Ten CruiseDirect
  4. Visit Kona for Coffee
    On the simpler side of the Big Island, the Kona coast is a great resort location, with fabulous beaches. Here you can just lie on a beach, swim and snorkel - just what you need after being cooped up on your cruise liner! It's even great for staying at if you have a few days over. Don't for get the coffee museum and plantations - yes, its that Kona!
  5. On Waikiki Beach You Can Try or Maybe Watch!
    Waikiki is where it all happens. It truly is a tourist resort to have fun in, relax and above all, experience to wonderful beach and shoreline. If you want to have a go at surfing, well, there's no place better to learn, after all, surfing was invented here!
  6. Step Back in Time and See the Iao Valley
    This cloud covered valley is the reason that Maui was nicknamed the "Valley Island". Ancient Hawaiians carried their royal dead here for their ceremonal burials. Some of the hiking trails give excellent views of the valley. Of extra note is the Iao Needle, a basalt spire that rises over 1000 feet from the valley floor. Beautifiul walks, towering waterfalls, and an historical background gives a stunning edge to this wonderful haven.
  7. Grand Canyon?...or Waimea Canyon
    Found on the island of Kauai is the Waimea Canyon which is simply a breathtaking experience. Deeply worn canyon walls, waterfalls and even rainbows make this a magical experience. At over 3,500 feet deep, the size is matched by the wonderous arrays of colors. No wonder then that Mark Twain named it the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific.”
  8. Snorkel under Hanauma Bay
    With an incredible reef offering stunning views both above and below the waterline, Hanauma Bay is one of the top beaches in the US and one of Hawaii's most poular. Many fish species call Hanauma Bay and the coral reef their home, which makes for incredible snorkeling. If
    you want to snorkel here you should get there early or come on quiet days. Oh, and don't feed the fish, it's now prohibited.
  9. Way to Go - on the Maui Drive
    From Kahului to Hana is a drive to remember for the rest of your life. If you have nerves of steel this switchback-ride of a journey is well worth the adrenaline you'll use up! Passing over countless bridges, you will see pineapples growing, tropical rainforest and eucalyptus trees. Further on fron Hana, if you still feel the urge to drive on, you get to the entrance to Haleakala National Park, which would definitely be our number eleven on this Hawaiian Islands Top Ten!
  10. Slip off Your Shoes and do a Luau
    You absolutely must attend a Polynesian luau to top off your vacation. You will enjoy the food, music, dance, and location of the luau and it will be an experience that will stay with you long after your vacation ends and you return to the day job! One of the best is in Kona!

Not enough time? Maybe you'll have to come again :-)

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