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Information for
Placing Your Booking


It will help you to have all the information for placing your booking to hand before you go online, or make a call to the travel operator.

So here is a checklist that will help you have everything you need ready.

Remember to ensure that everyone in your party is involved before you make your decisions as changes are often expensive.

To this end there is a great discussion document available on this site called Before You Book Your Cruise which you will find helpful to share with everyone.

What you will find on here is a checklist which will be just right as you are ready to actually place your booking.

If you like use this as a reminder of all the things you are going to need to take with you on your vacation.

Leave plently of time for booking. If an online booking, as most people do these days, it might be helpful if you have someone alongside you to check your entries.

  Information for Placing Your Booking CruiseDirect

Usually at the end of the transaction, before you are committed to make a payment, you will have a summary document to review. Maybe you could print that off and get someone to double-check.

You can usually have a few moments to run through it all before the booking session lapses. Even if you have made an error, if you get on to the travel organisation without delay, you will usually find they are as helpful as they can be and you will avoid any extra costs.

On such occasions, time really is of the essence!

  Information for Placing Your Booking CruiseDirect

Information for Placing Your Booking

The Cruise

Cruise Line ____________________

Ship Name ____________________

Departure Point ____________________

Destination ____________________

Cruise Operator Cruise Code (if any) ____________________

Coupon Code ____________________

Number of Nights ____________________

Type of Cabin ____________________

Number of Cabins ____________________

Personal Details

Who is going?

  • Full name as in Passport 
  • Date of Birth
  • Nationality
  • Home address
  • Passport Number
  • Contact for emergency

Getting to the Departure Point

Flight details ____________________

Connecting flights required? ____________________

From ____________________

To ____________________

Airline ____________________

Date/Time outbound ____________________

Date/Time Return ____________________

Flight upgrades required? ____________________

Parking at airport ____________________

Number of vehicles ____________________

Coach/Rail to airport? ____________________

Transfers from airport to ship ____________________

Overnight stay required pre-flight? ____________________

Extending Your Stay

Hotel Name ____________________

Location ____________________

Length of stay ____________________

Number of rooms ____________________

Insurance Requirements

Number of people ____________________

Special Requests

Special Occasion 1 - Individual name(s) ____________________

Special Occasion 2 - Individual name(s) ____________________

Special Occasion 3 - Individual name(s) ____________________

Payment Information

Credit Card Number ____________________

Start Date ____________________

End Date ____________________

Security Number (last 3 digits on rear) ____________________

That's it - you're set! Hopefully you will have captured everything you needed in advance of the actual booking experience and now that you have, start getting excited about the truly wonderful vacation that awaits you!

hawaiian cruises online cruisedirect


hawaiian cruises online cruisedirect


hawaiian cruises online cruisedirect