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Molokai sits perfectly in the center of the chain forming the Hawaiian Islands. It's central positioning helps it  provide outstanding opportunities for tourists.

Here's the downside - none of the cruise lines stop here! It's not clear why this is, but safe to say this small, yet perfectly formed island still has some excellent features.

Regarded as a 'slice of old Hawaii', this once revered as sacred isalnd is a mere 38 miles long and just 10 miles across.

It's easy going style encourages credibility in the moniker 'the freindly isle', though you will be hard pushed to find the trappings of modern tourism.

This is a haven for real relaxation, without the trappings that are common on the islands more on the tourist beat. It's quite challenging to find the extravagent restaurants, shops and evening entertainments.

Where Molokai makes up is that there are a wide range of outdoor pursuits, without the clamour commonly found elsewhere. There are rarely queues and waiting for much at all is pretty rare too.

Here you will find, if you are able to make your way here, plenty of natural beauties as well as the biggest percentage of native Hawaiians anywhere.

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Molokai Highlights

  • Kalaupapa National Historical Park

Whilst access to this unique site is challenging, to say the least, this is one of the absolute 'must-see' sites on Molokai. You can take a small plane or boat. If you feel really adventurous, you can hike or take the mule ride, starting at Palaau State Park, down the 1,700 foot cliffs, which are the highest in the world (and give quite a view too!).

Once you've survived the 3 mile, 26 switchbacks and got your breath (and nerve) back, you get on an old school bus for a 4-hour tour of the area.

The naturally bounded park is the home to 40 or so elderly leprosy patients, all of whom pose no health threats to adults. They live here, drawing to a close their lives, not permitted to raise children, but showing their emotional care for hundreds of cats and dogs.

A remnant of the times, from the late 19th century, up until 1969, when they were dropped ashore and isolated here.

A rare and astonishing experience, both of the human and geographical kind.

  • Illiilopae Heiau

This highly sacred site is the second largest temple in Hawaii. Used for human scrifices and as a central gathering place for the locals kahunas, or priests

  • Make Horse Beach

A beautiful beach made up of wonderful crescents of sand divided by volcanic rock which hardened as it poured into the sea.

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  • Papohaka Beach

Where the hula dance came from! Or that's the legend. Maytime brings, to this beach, dozens of groups of islanders who replicate the different forms of hula, as well as many other traditions of arts and crafts.

  • Murphy's Beach

A great spot for a bit of snorkelling, with a wonderful reef running alongside the beach.

  • Moomomi Dunes

Set in the northwest, this is a great spot for 'twitchers' otherwise known as birdwatchers, and other followers of nature. Many birds flock to this area as well as one of the few remaining colonies of Hawaiian monk seals who catch the rays on the beach.

A great spot to find your own way around and enjoy the sceneray, bith living and otherwise.

Got a spare day? Catch the ferry!

If your itinerary allows the time, you can get the ferry from Maui to Molokai. the (very) early start enables you mst of the day on Molokai

Worthwhile for the experience of this lovely, laid back island.


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hawaiian cruises online cruisedirect


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