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Ten Things You Must
Know About Cruising


Wherever you cruise, it is one of the world's fastest growing leisure activities today.

So, it is important that you understand some of the basics vital to maximising your pleasure.

A cruise can be quite a financial investment, so try out these ideas to ensure that you make the most of what you are spending your money on.

Here are ten things you must know about cruising. Read and inwardly digest and you will be giving yourself every opportunity to make the best of your time.

As well as having the most wonderful vacation!

Ten Things You Must Know About Cruising (oops, there are 11!)

  1. Get your dates and timescale sorted - having this discussion early means there will be a lot less frustration when it comes to making decisions.
    • Are your dates fixed or are you flexible?
    • Is the date the most important; or the cruise line; or the destination?
    • Are all members of the party in the same position?
    • Bear in mind when you are deciding that the weather might be not-so-good some times of the year
  2. Choose a cruise line that suits you - there are many variants and each have a follwoing. Making sure you get this right upfront will add to the value you get from your vacation.
    • Research the web
    • Get brochures from your travel agent
    • Read this website carefully too - checkout the individual cruise line listings on your right

      Kauai CruiseDirect

    • There are plenty out there
    • Choose someone who has been around a while
    • Checkout cruise information on their site - if they have done homework too, they are much more likely to be reliable and look after you
  3. Decide where you are going early on - in line with ensuring that your dates are right, there is a blend between where when and who with
    • Getting this real clear will help you when it comes to deciding other things
    • A cruise is a dream vacation, so choose a destination that will fulfil a dream
    • Listen to all members of your party and find somewhere that has something for everyone
    • like which cruise line. Remember though that this decision will have to fit with item 6, the dates 
  4. Be flexible if you can -  you might get a great deal!
    • Cruise lines have a valuable asset for potential guests - as long as the ship hasn't sailed
    • If you can be flexible, you can check out last minute deals which can be great deals
    • Being flexible might mean you go somewhere, with someone you didn't expect - go with the flow as you never know where that might lead :-)

      Kauai CruiseDirect

  5. Book through experts - they will always get you great deals and will help you
    • We recommend CruiseDirect because of their friendly manner, easy to use website and overall great prices
    • Often experts get deals not available elsewhere
    • You will find they understand all the possible pitfalls and get you over then in advance
    • Making a relationship with one organisation will help you get great results in future too! 
  6. Try out cruising for a short cruise - a world cruise is an expensive mistake if you don't like it
    • Try small before you buy big
    • there are some great mini-cruises around
    • Some short cruises go to places the longer ones don't
    • In fact you might find you can do one long and one short cruise each year - double the fun!
  7. Plan your shore excursions - what you do when you get to your destination ports can make the world of a difference to the enjoyment you get from your cruise
    • Decide what you will do in ports of call
    • Look throgh excursion opportunities and decide what you want to do
    • Check you are within an agreed budget overall
    • Remember - you can stay on board, or just take a stroll, it's OK! 
  8. Check out all the dining options - make sure that you experience all the ones you want in a rather organised way, or you could let the dream dinner slip away!
    • Most cruise line ships offer quite a range of dining options
    • Choose what you could do in the number of nights you have
    • Let the kids decide, maybe one night each, if you have kids with you
    • Try to enjoy a range of opportunities
    • Many ships have at least one dining opportunity that costs a little more, for that special treat
  9. Pack well - by ensuring that you have all you need, you will feel comfortable about the vacation - the alternative is either you feeling intimidated, uncomfortable or need to get the plastic out to supplement what you did bring! especially if you are new to cruising, this will be invaluable.
    • Make a list
    • Checkout your cruise line website and see if there is a list ready made for you (and you can checkout this page where we offer some advice)
    • Read articles and forums on the web
    • Ask friends who have cruised before
  10. Get clear about the onboard protocols - especially if you haven't cruised before, by getting clear about how things work onbard your cruise liner, you will enhanced your enjoyment. Here are a few:-
    • What time are meals and where?
    • What is paid for and what isn't?
    • What is the tipping policy?
    • What to wear and when?
    • What time can you get onboard and what time do you disembark?


ten things you must know about cruising

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