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Why Cruise
...well, why not...


Cruising. Imagine a calm sea; the refreshing breeze blowing off the ocean; your beautifully appointed suite just waiting for you.

Add to that, wonderful cuisine; compelling entertainment by night and wonderful, sometimes spectacular, activities by day. That's why cruise!

Or you could just choose to do nothing and soak up the sun. Let the worries and stress of a busy lifestyle just fade away.

And tomorrow, there will be another paradise island for you to visit.

Somewhere else to record for life-time memories. That's also why so many people cruise. Is there anything else more blissful?

Why Cruise? Well, it's like taking your hotel suite round with you to a host of wonderful locations. A cruise is splendid hotel vacation and more; so much more.

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Imagine enjoying a multitude of paradise island experiences, without the challenge and hassle of chaotic transfers between your destinations to wear you out. Your cruise liner does that all for you. One transfer at each end and you're done.

A new experience each day. Something new. A different island and even a different culture. the Hawaiian islands are all different and for you, in your home from home, all you have to do is step ashore and enjoy. Safe in the knowledge that tomorrow is another day; another amazing, different destination.

Or maybe a day at sea to catch your breath. To prepare yourself, ever so gradually for more adventures, somewhere new, sometime soon.

Got your attention yet?

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why cruise

Why Cruise? Well, how about your cruise being all set up for a tropical paradise. How about your destinations being the incomparable Hawaiian Islands. One by one, presented to you, day by day, just for your pleasure.

Your see, Hawaiian Cruises give you the best or every world. The best onboard experience, with the varied opportunity that the wide-range of cruise lines on offer, the best onshore experiences, from the wonders of Hawaii - "The Big Island" to the jewels that are Kahloolawe and Niihau - as well as every size of island in-between.

Not to mention those dozens of other tiny jewels you will pass, captivating you and your memories for ever.

There are many other opportunities in life to spend your vacations. In your time you deserve it to yourself and your loved ones to experience this once; at least once.

The wonder of a delightfully indulgent, relaxing, memorable and above all, relaxing cruise.

...not forgetting...

Did you realise?
  • Not only are all the meals free, you get some of the world's best cuisine to sample - the ultimate 'all-inclusive'!
  • Dining doesn't usually require a tux anymore, (though you get to glam up if you want to!). Most ships offer choices.
  • The food is almost on tap, 24-hours a day, even as room service - can you resist?
  • Often the biggest of all challanges, tipping, has been removed from the ships as an 'issue'.
  • Often you get almost all of your daytime at leisure to visit the most wonderful of destinations, many with exclusive excursions.
  • The most amazing range of leisure activities are available. It is not  just 'quiots' these days!
  • Want to see fabulous shows like on Broadway, Las Vegas and the West End? You can and will.
  • Often there are specialist courses and seminars by some of the world's leading experts.
  • Need your fix of 'www' or need to keep in contact with your business? Many ships have internet access for you, often from your cabin.
  • Shopping - did you say shopping? Both on-board and on-shore, you have as wide a range of fantastic value shopping opportunities.
  • Think too, of the fresh air of the sea, the memorable views, the comfort and luxury.
Will you decide today, to make it the day you choose your Hawaiian Cruise? 

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hawaiian cruises online cruisedirect


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