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"Fun Maui Activities On A Budget"

by Jeremy Thompson


When planning a family vacation to Maui, expenses can really start to add up.

However if you know what you're looking for and plan wisely you can find inexpensive Maui activities that can prove to be just as much fun as the pricey ones.

There are a variety of fun, inexpensive Maui activities to suit the interests of any Maui vacationer. Among these activities are some of the most popular in Maui, including snorkeling, whale watching, and hiking.

Although these activities can be costly in some locations, if you know where to look youre bound to find the perfect spots that wont cost half of your vacation budget.

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One of the most popular activities to do on your Maui vacation is snorkeling. There are an endless number of beautiful beaches with crystal clear water and colorful coral that is perfect for viewing Mauis underwater life.

Many dive shops rent out snorkeling gear at a reasonable cost, as little as $10 a week. And if you go with your own equipment it wont cost you a thing.

Another extremely popular inexpensive Maui activity is whale watching. The warm waters of Hawaii are perfect for huge humpback whales to raise their calves.

You can view these magnificent creatures starting as low as $15 for a 2 hour tour.

If your preference is to stay on land and see some of the beautiful scenery that Maui has to offer than two inexpensive Maui activities for you might be hiking or going on a scenic drive.

You can see mountains, breathtaking waterfalls, and gorgeous Maui plant life on a hike through places like Haleakala Crater National Park.

Hike the over 27 miles of trails absolutely free. Your only cost will be for the film in your camera that youll definitely want to bring. And for only the cost of gas you can experience much of Hawaii on a scenic drive.

Winding roads such as the Road to Hana give you another perspective of Mauis landscape and culture.

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Finally, one more inexpensive Maui activity youll want to fit into your schedule is a day on the beach. With some of the best white sand beaches in the world your Maui vacation wouldnt be complete without a day at the beach.

Pack a picnic lunch and your sunscreen and relax in the warm rays of the Maui sun.

There are so many things to see and do when you plan a trip to Maui. Dont break the bank by trying to do it all.

You can experience the beauty of Maui on pennies a day when you include some inexpensive Maui activities in your itinerary.

Jeremy Thompson is the editor of www.VacationToMaui.NET. Learn more about how to plan your perfect vacation to Maui, Hawaii and what inexpensive Maui activities you do not what to miss.

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